Boiler control

Reduced costs through regular revisions.

With regular and effective control of your boilers you can ensure not only lower energy usage, but you can also reduce your costs that go with heating. Everybody can really appreciate this.

Our company MM Team s.r.o. can help you and propose the best solution for improving the economy of your boilers and heating systems.

  • Verification of setting, operation and maintenance of boilers and heating systems
  • Evaluation of energetic efficiency
  • Drafts for improvements of boiler and heating systems energetic economy
  • Consultancy


Slovak Innovation and Energetic Agency (SIEA) issued to MM Team s.r.o.

Certificate no. 17/2007-0013 from 01.07.2009 for inspection of boilers and heating systems under § 7 section 2 of law no. 17/2007 about regular inspection of boilers, heating systems and climatic systems and change and addition of some laws