Atmosphere protection

Assessment and measurement of emissions that pollute the air.

For our customers we carry out authorised (eligible) and technological (accredited) measurement of emissions in the air.

When measuring and assessing the level of polluting elements, we review values of:

  • Gaseous and solid polluting substances
  • Inorganic polluting substances
  • Organic elements

On all categories of air pollution sources (CO, NOx, SO2, TOC, HF, HCl, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, solid polluting elements, metals, benzene, trichloroethylene, trichloromethane, methyl, styrene, toluene, xylene, acetone, alkyl alcohol, butyl acetate, dichloroethylene, dichloromethane, alkenes, formaldehyde, phenol etc.)

For accredited emission measurement we only use appliances that comply with norms of European Union and ISO.

  • Level measurement of general conditions of operation
  • Assessment and measurement of level of emissions that pollute the air
  • Calculation of fees for air pollution
  • Draw up of documentation for operation and rules of process
  • Procedure calculation draft of the emissions` amount
  • Issuance of professional reports and opinions regarding the issues of environmental protection
  • Consultancy

Basic pollution measurement scheme of inorganic polluting substances:

1. entry nozzle 7. measuring of dynamic pressure
2. filter holder 8. suspension tube for dust collection in pipelines
3. Pitot probe 9. cooling and drying system
4. sensor for temperature measuring 10. suction device and measure of has flow
5. indicator of temperature 11. measure of atmospheric pressure
6. measuring of static pressure  

Our company MM Team s.r.o. uses appliances that work on physical or electrochemical principle from companies: 

HORIBA (Japan)
MADUR (Austria)
Testo (Germany)
SICK (Germany)
KÁLMÁN (Hungary)

For isokinetic collection of solid elements (dust) we use collection appliances from companies: 

Ströhlein (Germany)
Sick (Germany) 
Kálmán (Hungary)